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Yoga and Music!

We love incorporating music into our classes! Checkout which regular classes include sound and learn about our specialty 'Live' music classes!




SATURDAY LEVEL 1/2 (9:00am downtown)
This multi-level class is designed for those who are comfortable in a Level 1 class and looking to deepen their practice. This class will incorperate music and once a month students can look forward to live music as part of the experience!

TUESDAY AND THURSDAY LEVEL 1 (4:00pm downtown)
Suitable for those who are comfortable with Prep-level classes and looking to challenge themselves in the next stage of practice. Vinyasa flow sequencing, upbeat, high-energy practice! Come flow to a grooving playlist.

FRIDAY ASHTANGA CURRENT (10:00am downtown)
This class is a flowing Ashtanga/Vinyasa class, set to a rhythm that drives the practice by encouraging a deeper connection to the pranic current and rhythm that flows outside and in. This class will challenge your weaknesses and embrace your strengths!

FRIDAY LEVEL 2 (5:30pm downtown)
Designed for those who are comfortable in Level 1, this class moves at a quicker pace, incorporating postures that add challenge and dimension to the practice of yoga. Music will be played in this class!

(We schedule these special classes throughout the year, please check back here for next dates)

Saturdays, August 10 & 31, 2013

Level 1/2 with Marla Joy

Live music by Morgan Doctor



*Attend these classes drop-in style! Regular class fees apply, along with a donation for our musician! (suggested donation is $5).



Morgan Doctor (Live Drumming and Percussion)
Morgan Doctor has been a session/live freelance drummer in the Toronto scene since 1999 and is a highly sought after session player as well as private drum teacher, having played over a thousand dates all over the US, Canada and Europe with such artists as: The Cliks, Bob Wiseman, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Tamara Williamson. Morgan Doctor has performed and appeared from live National TV (MTV Live, MTV CRIBS, MTV Total Request Live, IFC, CNN, Craig Ferguson, etc) and live radio shows, awards ceremonies, TV and radio commercials, sold out theaters and arenas, music videos, and countless full length Albums. Also performing and winning at MTV LOGO’s "Artist on the Brink" Award for 2008. She received a Dora nomination for her sound design for Between Us Goddess in 2005 and earned a Juno and Dora nomination with her work with The Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 2001. Morgan’s session drumming has turned up on TV and Film Soundtracks including the CBC Metro Morning, The Lword, and Grey’s Anatomy. Read more about Morgan at www.morgandoctor.com


DARREN HALL (Crystal Singing Bowls)

Darren Austin Hall (D.Ac. BA Hons) is an Integrated Health Practitioner who specializes in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Sound Healing and inspired living. A graduate of the esteemed Institute of Traditional Medicine where he received his Diploma in Acupuncture and learned under teachers, shamans, indigenous elders from around the world, Darren brings a dynamic, holistic approach to his practice drawing from many diverse traditions to help his patients in the many colourful ways cultural evolution has developed. Along with his domestic studies, Darren studied Kung Fu and a form of standing meditation called Qigong in China for two years where he worked as an English teacher. Darren also has a certificate in Creative Transformation Therapy that he received after completing a two-year intensive with eminent psychotherapist and 'American Shaman', Bradford Keeney, who imparted to him the powerful tradition of Shaking Medicine used by the Bushmen of the Kalahari, perhaps the most ancient healing practice in human history. For more on Darren visit www.innertraditionshealing.com.


Marshal Young (Live Drumming)
Marshall Young has been drumming for yoga classes since 2005. He drums mainly for the Ujjayi Pulse class at Downward Dog which combines vinyasa yoga with a steady rhythmic flow. Marshall’s goal is to help energize the yoga practice by keeping students aware of their breath. The breath is often forgotten when practitioners are focused on alignment and technique. His drumming helps to integrate the breath into movement, creating a balance between flow and alignment. Marshall is available to drum for classes in Toronto. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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