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Class Descriptions

The classes offered at Downward Dog are founded on the principals of vinyasa yoga, where movement is coordinated with breath and intention. All of our instructors have completed our Teacher Training program, where the emphasis is on building a yoga practice from the ground up. We firmly believe that finding strength and inspiration on the yoga mat is only attainable in an environment where individual needs are balanced with the demands of the practice.


Level Prep (Beginner)

Our 'Prep' class is the ideal class for anyone in the beginning stages of practice. In this class postures will be taught slower with more attention to detail, with a focus on teaching basic actions.


Level Prep (Newly Certified Instructor)
Join a Downward Dog Teacher in Training for this 75 minutes prep level class. Offered at a discounted cost, this class ideal for anyone in the beginning stages of practice. Postures will be taught slowly and carefully, with more attention to detail and a focus on teaching basic actions.

Level 1 Class

Every level is designed to prepare you for the next! We encourage you to find the class level that feels most suitable. Level 1 focuses on fundamental actions - sun salutations, strengthening standing poses and seated poses that enhance flexibility and core strength.


Level 1/2 Class

This multi-level class is designed for those who are comfortable in a Level 1 class and looking to deepen their practice.


Level 2 Class

Our Level 2 classes move at a quicker pace, incorporating postures that add challenge and dimension to the practice of yoga.


Ashtanga Level 2/3

Come practice a brisk and vigorous vinyasa class following the principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: 5 breaths per pose, steady counting, bandhas (internal locks) and drishti (gaze).


Ashtanga Flow (Level 2)

In this guided class we will explore practicing poses as they were traditionally set in the Ashtanga system with room for variation. This class will allow students to deepen their knowledge of this series and will also help prepare anyone interested in joining us in the Mysore (self-practice) room. During the class we will move carefully move through the sequence and take time to learn and examine some of the deeper poses using modifications where needed.


Mysore (Self-Practice)

In a Mysore room, you practice according to the pace of your own breath, moving through postures with your individual strengths and restrictions in mind. The teacher, meanwhile, provides guidance and adjustments tailored to you alone. Mysore is a unique program offered at Downward Dog Yoga Centre. Developed by Ron Reid, it builds on the traditional Mysore approach first established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. We encourage a healthy respect for the traditional components of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system, yet as we practice our asanas with awareness, steadiness and depth, this often involves veering from the classic sequences to support longevity and non-harm. In our Mysore classes, we seek to incorporate divergent pathways that lead us ultimately deeper into the traditional practice. READ MORE


Yoga Jam (Level 2/3)

A yoga class devoted to the spirit of improvisation. We will find new and exciting ways to energize our practice by exploring unique variations and novel ways of combining and transitioning through postures. See how the unexpected can yield exhilarating results.


Escape from the Everyday....



The essence of both yoga and meditation is surrender, to let go of what is old and embrace what is freshly arising. In this class the meditative principles of mindfulness will be woven into classical restorative yoga poses helping the practitioner to quiet down the busy mind and embrace a flowing sense of stillness that is the hallmark of surrender.



Restorative yoga supports the practitioner with props in various poses, facilitating a deep release of stress, calming and quieting the mind.


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